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Blue Slips

Authorised Inspection Station

Need a Blue Slip?

Sydney City Auto Centre is an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Station (AUIS)

Vehicle Inspection

Blue Slip are for Unregistered Vehicles, this report is to verify that an unregistered vehicle is safe and that it meets design and identity standards.

All unregistered light vehicles need a blue slip inspection before they can be registered in NSW.  

You need a Blue Slip if:
- Your registration has expired more than 3 months ago
- You have brought a vehicle from interstate or overseas into NSW.
- You have no number plates  Your vehicle has been written-off, but has now been approved for re-registration
- You require adjustments in their registration records because something about
- The vehicle has changed significantly, such as a new engine  You need a defect notice cleared.
An Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection (blue slip) is valid for 42 days.

About Us

We are committed to providing the best customer service that not only is in tune with what is needed for the vehicle but also aligns with our customer’s best interests. We will always provide you with a quote before any repairs are undertaken and we will always offer our honest and accurate advice.
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